Prime Membership

  • Where are the PRIME prices listed?

    PRIME prices are listed in Red.

  • How do I become a PRIME member?

    You must be an 'Active' subscriber to qualify for PRIME pricing, Active = not on hold or canceled, if you are unsure of your status, your welcome to call us to find out 505-345-3737.

  • What if I was a subscriber and my subscription is on inactive or on hold?

    Those of you whose subscriptions are on hold/canceled do not receive prime prices. PRIME status renews the moment your subscription is reactivated.

  • Why is the store offering this program?

    We want to to reward our most valued customers.

  • What happens if I forget to choose the PRIME pricing but I am a subscriber?

    David will adjust your pricing so you receive the maximum discount.

  • What happens if I put the PRIME pricing in and I am not a subscriber?

    Well, David will call you and pleasantly remind you that you are not yet a PRIME member and offer to make you one or inform you of your adjusted price with regular pricing.

  • Will I need to put in a code to get the discount?

    No, no code required. Just select Prime Pricing in the options box at the shopping cart.

  • What if there are no items listed for subscription that I want?

    Anything in the store can be put on subscription, just email/call David ( or 505-400-5801), he will be happy to set up any item on subscription.

  • What is the frequency of a subscription?

    Subscriptions are generally every month or every other month. Sometimes it is more cost effective to get items sent every other month. Subscriptions are sent out with the initial order going out right away and subsequent orders go out to arrive for the 1st of the month.

  • What items are most commonly on subscription?

    1. Restore 2. Regular Shake 3. Pro EPA 4. Journals 5. Flavor of the month.