Radiant Recovery®   Complete Course

Welcome to a unique program designed just for you! This is a complete introduction to the theory and practice of Radiant Recovery®. This CD set was recorded live at Salisbury, England during the 2008 EuroRanch.

The world's leading expert in Addictive Nutrition, Kathleen DesMaisons, Ph.D., will start you on your healing journey to radiance. The material she teaches here will help you understand sugar sensitivity and learn how to balance your body and brain. This program will guide you through learning about brain chemistry, the steps and the extraordinary tools

The Audio Learning Course Features

Disc One
An Introduction to Sugar Sensitivity

o Introduction o The Vision Quest
o Blood Sugar o The Process of the Steps
o Brain Chemistry o Step One
o Serotonin o Step Two
o Beta Endorphin  

Disc Two
The Steps

o Step Three o Step Six, Early
o Step Four o Step Six, The Flat
o Step Five o Step Seven

Disc Three
What Else is Embedded in the Steps

o Step One o Step Five
o Step Two o Step Six
o Step Three o Step Seven
o Step Four  

Total Content Time: Approximately 3 hours


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