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  • How to build a variety of quick meals with the use of my simple baking mix

  • How to use pancakes and waffles as a base for wonderful experimentation

  • How to discover the wonderful world of wraps (whole grain tortillas) to make all sorts of nifty, quick menus

  • How to use marinades and dressings to dramatically change the taste of a few simple ingredients

  • How to understand and use a variety of grains

  • The difference between sweet potatoes and yams

  • How to use a quiche to create all sorts of healthy alternative meals

  • How to make substitutes in your own sugar-filled recipes

  • How to use wheat alternatives

  • How to set up a vegetarian food plan

  • How to convert your daily allotment of protein grams to ounces of food

  • Designing Menus that work for you

  • How to use protein powders to increase your proteins

  • Planning and cooking for holidays

  • New ways to party

  • Tips for traveling including what to put in the radiant cooler

  • Eating on the run

  • Nutritional analysis of each recipe
Plus 120 of the most wonderful recipes in the world.

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